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St Basils | 100x200cm , cashmere

The domed eastern inspired cupolas of this colorful cathedral tower against the clear blue sky on a warm Russian summer day. This was my first vision of the Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed, commonly known as St Basil's Cathedral, as we walked into the Red Square in Moscow.


Looking like something out of a fairy tale, the stunning architectural structure has a complex history seemingly with both Renaissance and Byzantine influences which make it a fascinating confluece of east and west.


The scarf composition portrays the various interesting shapes and colors of the cathedral in watercolors, capturing what its essence would be on a cold winter's day. Hues of turquoise, deep blues and a hint of purple lend it a wintery feel, perfect when paired with a stone or charcoal colored coat.


Made of exquisite cashmere from Inner Mongolia with a frayed hem, the scarf is elaborately designed in a deep color palette with a refined aesthetic.

St Basils | 100x200cm , cashmere

    • 100 x 200 cm
    • Pure Inner Mongolian Cashmere
    • Hand drawn & designed 
    • Finished with a frayed hem
    • Designed in the UK and printed in China

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  • Dry clean only

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