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Amalfi scarf
Amalfi watercolor


Artistry, luxury, timelessness...


Dolce Roopa is a premium textile design brand founded by designer Roopa Sachidanand, offering

wanderlust-inspired, elaborate prints on exquisite fabrics. Influenced by a diverse upbringing both in Europe and the United States, along with extensive travel, she creates bold and vivid textiles.

The love for art began as a young child and stayed with her throughout her education and led to a BA in Illustration in New York and an MA in Textile Design at Chelsea College of Art in London.


In a career spanning seventeen years as an illustrator and product designer in the stationery, gifting and body care industries she created hand drawn collections that were featured in major retailers in both the US and the UK. With a love of fashion and an obsession with accessories, Roopa had a desire to transition her ethos from paper to fabric.


Dolce Roopa launched in September 2016 with the Italian Riviera debut silk scarf collection. Trained as a watercolor artist and screen printer, Roopa merged her love for both by creating unique pieces of art. Each illustration is intricately watercolored and hand drawn before being designed and digitally printed. Designs are inspired by memories of

places and moments, conjuring an alluring combination of nostalgia and adventure.


The brand is ever expanding thanks to loyal customers and is currently developing new product lines in

home interiors, apparel and accessories.


Moving the public away from fast fashion and quick consumption is something dear to the brand ethos at Dolce Roopa. The idea is to create timeless wearable art that lasts through generations.


Designed in London & New York and printed on exquisite fabrics, each item is a signature piece with a luxury aesthetic.


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