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Siberian Tiger | 140x140cm , cashmere

The Siberian tiger, also called the Amur tiger, is a species mainly inhabiting the Russian Far East. Unfortunately this beautiful animal is now an endangered species.


The scarf tells a passionate story of a regal animal asserting its place in the vast and cold Russian winter landscape. Snow capped mountains and lakes of frozen water forming decorative cracks with the fierce face of the tiger dominate the composition. Although traditionally it has a rusty-yellow coat, this wintery design features this lovely animal in blueish-gray tones.


Made of exquisite cashmere from Inner Mongolia with a frayed hem, the scarf is elaborately designed in a subtle color palette with a chic aesthetic.

Siberian Tiger | 140x140cm , cashmere

    • 140 x 140 cm
    • Pure Inner Mongolian Cashmere
    • Hand drawn & designed 
    • Finished with a frayed hem
    • Designed in the UK and printed in China

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  • Dry clean only

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