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Eastern Bluebird | 70x200cm , cashmere wool

The Eastern Bluebird scarf is inspired by the stunning North American birds that are often found sitting on telephone wires or perched atop a nest box, calling out in a short, wavering voice or abruptly dropping to the ground after an insect. Marvelous birds to capture in your binoculars, male Eastern Bluebirds are a brilliant royal blue on the back and head, and warm red-brown on the breast. Blue tinges in the wings and tail give the grayer females an elegant look.


Made in a buttery soft cashmere/wool blend  with a luxury hem, this cozy scarf is beautifully watercolored in a delicate colorway with a romantic aesthetic.

Eastern Bluebird | 70x200cm , cashmere wool

$125.00 Regular Price
$100.00Sale Price
    • 70 x 200 cm
    • 30% Cashmere / 70% Wool
    • Hand drawn & designed 
    • Finished with a luxury fringed hem
    • Designed in the UK and printed in India

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  • Dry clean only

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